Empowering Oil & Gas People to Drive Industry Transfomation.

We believe in an Oil & Gas industry whose workforce actively and consciously drives the transformation of its operations and business models grounded on a thriving digital culture in the emerging post digital world. Oil & Gas operations and business have potential to fully exploit digital transformation initiatives as long as the dominating culture and people become more digital.

We aim to enrich this vertical market’s culture towards digital thinking that harness technology as an enabler to constantly and rapidly learn and adapt, embrace and generate disruption, create and collaborate on new solutions and drive change instead of just consuming digital technology. For us, digital thinking is more about the human part of the equation. We promote a set of potentially transformational moves which defy the status quo that hinders the embracement of digitalization value: collaborating more than competing; creating instead of consuming; connecting internally and externally to a higher purpose; being open, transparent and responsive; fostering relations oriented to holons and networks instead of hierarchies and silos; defying boundaries and being nimble. In Clustergy, people is at the forefront of transformation of Oil & Gas business and operations.

By connecting our ecosystem to world-class resources and enabling its entities with tools and experiences, we aim to empower a creative, committed and digitally enabled Oil & Gas workforce. Our platform is driven with a desire to change the perceptions about digital transformation in the emerging post digital world of the Oil & Gas vertical by weighing up the balance towards the role that its people from present and upcoming generations pose.

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