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Optimizing petroleum production assets beyond incremental change.
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Challenged in many senses, today’s Oil and Gas Industry has favourable circumstances to reshape its operations through digitalization. The ever targeted operational efficiency is further burden with a major talent shift, frequently exceeded budgets, greater demands for climate change accountability and other threads. Undergoing a staying volatility in crude prices, O&G companies have to be nimble and renovate the way they work so as to become operationally efficient. Digital Transformation can act as an enabler to meet these challenges and provide practical solutions and real value to all its stakeholders.

Deltoid can be your partner in the digital journey to address current challenges in petroleum production optimization by leveraging our approach to digital solutions and rolling-out effective engagement models for co-innovation.


We transform petroleum production operations.

    • For genuine transformation we continually defy and redefine our boundaries. We create significant not marginal value and opportunity over existing operating models of the O&G Upstream sector through innovation on digitalization.
    • We are passionate about tackling complexity ever present in ongoing and upcoming petroleum production operations.
  • We strive to create exponential value by uncovering actionable insights into petroleum production operations.

    We harness technology, combine our core capabilities, drive a culture shift to digital thinking and innovation, and create engagement models with our ecosystem partners.

    • Uncover: We dig into most important pain points, needs and opportunities of customers and seek for major impact through innovation at every level, every front.
    • Technology: We leverage a cross-domain adoption of sophisticated platforms, keep up with the state of the art on key domains, and embrace Industry Standards. We use technology for co-creation, communication and collaboration and put into practice agile development processes to design, build and deliver our value proposition.
    • Core Capabilities: We are solid, powerful in advanced predictive analytics that combines physics and data-driven modeling, distributed systems architecture, business domain and product & service design.
    • Digital Thinking: We promote a set of potentially transformational moves which defy the status quo that hinders the embracement of digitalization value. These are: connecting internally and externally to a higher purpose, being open and transparent; promoting relations oriented to holons and networks instead of hierarchies and silos; creating adaptable solutions along with clients, defying the edge and being nimble, pursuing self-awareness, seeking networked intelligence instead of individual knowledge, establishing connections as opposed to just following processes .
    • Engagement models: We provide a framework for customer and tech ecosystem success from onboarding to ongoing phases of technology development and adoption.
  • We create digital products, tools and services for empowering automation, integrated asset management, IIoT, real-time analytics, platform and mobile initiatives in petroleum well production and artificial lift.

    What Deltoid leverages...

    We deliver our approach to digital solutions by bringing together
    a unique combination of these key assets:

    Future-proof, cloud-native architecture solutions that accounts for stability and change in the evolution of E&P processes and operations.

    We architecture solutions to expose domain applications and experiences, orchestrate and interface analytic engines, structure and thread workflows and connect to data ecosystems of our clients.

    All our services and applications are cloud native.

    Our distributed analytic engines are built under a microservices approach that supports flexibility and extensibility, confines domain-driven peculiarities and targets fine-grained interfaces and lightweight communication protocols. We also forethink security from design to development and management phases of our platform solutions.

    A Powerhouse concentrating key resources, oversight and learning capacity to drive digital technology development in the Petroleum Production Operations realm.

    Our Center of Excellence in Petroleum Production emerges upon the following building blocks: A robust and growing set of analytic and workflow engines related to production system analysis.

    Analytics Engines as a Service that provide domain specific rules and algorithms related to production systems analysis aimed at powering integrated asset management, real-time analytics, automation and IIoT initiatives in the upstream sector.

    Our engines to perform physics based analytics include: Petroleum Fluids Modeling, Inflow Performance Relationship, Tubing Performance Relationship, Nodal Analysis for Natural Flow and Artificial Lift. Electric submersible Pumping Diagnosis based on KPI’s. Well Survey.

    Enabling deep understanding of assets by combining industry expertise, physics and data-driven analytics to get the most out of your data.

    Within all contributing elements to the digital oilfield technology mix, analytics plays a major role. Advanced prescriptive analytics, the edge frontier of analytic capabilities.
    leverages physics-based models along with data-driven analytics to get valuable domain insights out of big data processing and unlocks the potential of highly connected assets and infrastructure for massive data capture and management.

    Empowered people is at the forefront of our approach to unlock value through digital solutions.

    People side of the equation ever present and engagement models, promoting a digital culture of continuous learning and development.

    We growth, learn and create value at start-up pace driven by a higher common purpose.

    We shape and construct software solutions for the Oil and Gas sector through a lean development approach by striving to understand users’ needs and their context. We provide space for the convergence of domain specific expertise along with the best architecture solutions.
    Products are developed by undertaking projects designed along with our clients under a collaborative scheme aimed at developing best-in-class analytical solutions that suits their business objectives. We endeavour to gain a shared understanding of the IT architecture where the analytical solution is to be incorporated.

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